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ALMA - Cafe & Gifts
About Us

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Lisa: “The floor of the shop was laid by a York company, the counter and interior were built by a York joiner and the front was painted by a York decorating firm. The coffee you will drink is roasted in York and Andres’ cards, posters and designs are printed by a company in York. All our fresh produces comes from York-based companies. Nothing comes from more than 20 miles away! I can’t think of anything in the shop that wasn’t bought or built in York (except Andres…)” 


And what sort of gifts will you sell?

Lisa: The idea behind the shop is that the cafe is decorated with Andres’ designs and people can have a coffee and a cake inside that ‘catalog’… from Andres’ posters, to cards, calendars, bags etc.

But also want to expand the designs: the mugs and espresso cups will be designed by Andres and, if you like them, you will be able to buy them in the shop

YORKMIX. 4 June, 2022

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